First and foremost, I’m a mom to two pretty awesome boys. I share them with my best friend, other half, & biggest supporter.

I live for all things creative. Growing up, I would do little things to pique my creative interest. I’d move the living room around for fun,  I loved seeing a new design layout.

Fun fact // This included moving all kinds of furniture, including the couch regardless if someone was napping on it

It took me a while to really figure out what I wanted to do, and even then I feel like I’m open to whatever life brings, but everything has always pointed towards creativity – right down to every test we took in high school. I wanted to be a singer (clearly also a dreamer), a fashion designer, a makeup artist, & luckily when I started high school there was a Fine Arts Program to keep me interested.

Being drawn to things that are artistic is my norm, anything that requires a form of expression.

I’m about that life.

That’s Me





I have two healthy boys, but struggle to keep plants alive.

I’m actually holding it down now when it comes to plants, but just know at one point they came here to die.

I’m not a morning person, coffee “helps”.

I have the worst sweet tooth, ever.

I live in black + neutrals.

My favourite season is Fall.

I believe in laughing until it hurts.